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                Create Hi-Tech Enterprise,Create New Energy

                About Us

                HENGLI NEW ENERGY

                COMPANY PROFILE

                Established in 2005, Shandong Hengli New Energy Engineering Co., Ltd has formed an integrated developing structure of counseling, designing and overall contractor of electric power, thermal energy, new energy and environmental protection projects for 10 years.

                We are armed with the A-level qualification as overall contractor of projects and designer of electric and thermal power and B-level qualification
                of new energy, electric power transmission and transformation, engineering consultancy and surveillance with the total project number over 350 including consultancy, design and EPC overall contracting. Our business market has covered 17 provinces(cities and districts) in China and more than 10 countries.

                The company has hired Over 140 full-time employees at the moment, more than 85% of whom are awarded a bachelor‘s degree or above.


                What We Do

                BUSINESS FIELD

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